This school is focused on all things around personal development, inspirational coaching and increasing your full potential.

My mission is to inspire and empower people to really believe in themselves, know their worth and activate their highest potential to shift their dreams into achievable goals and live a life without limits - knowing that it all came from within themselves. 

My passion is to also guide women particularly through;

- How to access the inner wisdom they hold.

- How to activate their highest potential.

- How to step into their most empowered self.

Then learn how to intentionally create the life they’ve always dreamt of from this place of power and potential. 

I love working with clients ready to defy the odds and rise to higher states of conscious living. Whether that be in health and wellbeing, career and business, relationships and love - to stop playing small, know you are worthy, believe it can be done and that YOU can do it! 

For many years I struggled with chronic pain, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and left with no hope and a bleak future of a drastically limited life from the age of 20. I refused to accept what I was told - to stop chasing miracle cures and accept that is how my life was now. I went on a quest for answers, overcame the symptoms and through it experienced being totally pain free which was a huge revelation. And from that moment on I knew my mission was to help others achieve the same.

"Such an incredible experience! I meditate quite a lot so I expected this practice to be just a calming and relaxing moment - but being in Lisa’s cacao ceremony was truly transformational. Highly recommend!"

- Juliette

1-1 Life Coaching programs

"I worked with Lisa on some old sabotage programs I knew were holding me back from reaching the success I really wanted and taking my music as far as I could. It far exceeded my expectations and not only did I reach my goals around music but I feel so much more inspired and energised."

Worldwide retreats

"I have been working with Lisa for 5 months now and I can’t recommend her enough.

Not only has she helped me with my business plans, she’s helped me with my anxiety and confidence. My social life has improved also as Lisa works both in the uk and overseas. So there is plenty of opportunities to travel to one of her retreats abroad or her cocoa ceremonies dotted about the uk. If your looking for coaching look no further!!"💕

Cacao ceremonies and workshops

"Lisa is a wonderfully supportive and grounding force. Her advice and support is uplifting, practical and aimed at tapping into your inner wisdom to heal yourself and improve your quality of life. Huge amounts of love, gratitude and respect for dear Lisa,"❤️

Hi, I’m Lisa Fearon.

Founder of Lisa Fearon Coaching and Amor Cacao.

I'm a transformational Life Coach- Specialising in mindset and positive psychology.

Working with clients towards any goal. (ie- health, career change, confidence, weight loss, negative thought patterns, mindset, relationships etc...

I have designed a unique and highly successful coaching process working with Hypnotherapy and Ceremonial cacao as two of the tools brought together to enhance deep states of self-awareness and realisation in order to bring about powerful breakthroughs in old patterns and create real and lasting change.

Founder of Transformational retreats - Worldwide retreats currently based in Ibiza and Guatemala. Wellness Consultant for Morning Gloryville. Ambassador and Coach at The Collective, London.

Founder of Amor Cacao- serving delicious 100% raw Cacao straight from the high altitude volcanic mountains of Guatemala and Peru. This Ceremonial cacao is full of vitamins and minerals, with over 200 active, natural chemicals and anti-oxidants so has many cardiovascular benefits, increases memory capacity and creativity as well as naturally raise energy levels and releasing the happy hormones!